We are excited about how the Lord moves in the lives of people. He paid such a brutal price so that we could have access to our Father and experience all that He desires for us to experience according to the word of God and our faith in the Word. We love to receive testimonies and praise reports about what the Lord is doing in your life.

Here is a list of testimonies and praise reports that we have received from Halo Jordan. Please take time and read these to encourage you in your faith to see the Lord moving in your life.

If you have a testimony or praise report that you would like to send to Halo Jordan, please go to the Contact page and select Testimony before sending your email. If you want your testimony to appear on this page, please mention in your email that you would like it on the website. Only an initial will be used for identification for your protection. If you do not clearly say that you want your testimony on the website it will not appear.


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